Understand The City Of Brotherly Love Through Its Local Artists

August 15, 2013

Local Artists Introduce The City of Brotherly Love
Local artists create a deeper understanding of their native city. Philadelphia is among the most historic cities in the US. It’s a virtual microcosm of art, museums and history that breathes life its people. For tourists, Philadelphia is one of the most intricately endowed cities where local artists create a truly artistic view of this special place known as The City of Brotherly Love.

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A Frugal Look At Philadelphia’s Artistic Side

June 28, 2013

A Frugal Look At Philadelphia’s Artistic Side

The World of Art And Creativity In Philadelphia
There are a number of great museums to visit in Philadelphia. If you visit Philadelphia, then you must check out The Philadelphia Art Museum, The Barnes Foundation, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Mural Mile, the Institute of Contemporary Art and Woodmere Art Museum. There are also a number of important galleries to check out including the Nichols Berg Gallery, Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art, Pageant Sovloveev, B Square Gallery and Bridgette Mayer Gallery. To be sure, there will never be a dull Read the rest of this entry »

Enjoy Philly’s Fine Arts On A Dime

May 13, 2013

Philadelphia is a city full of culture and diversity. You can head to this vibrant city to see and enjoy the art and history without having to spend a fortune at all. The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a historic landmark in the city. It gained even more attention and popularity by being featured in the Rocky movies. The museum has a special every Wednesday that is known as the Pay-What-You-Wish Wednesday Event. You can pay as much Read the rest of this entry »

Art, Culture, Liberty and The City of Brotherly Love

March 22, 2013

A city rich in history and cultural significance, Philadelphia offers residents and tourists many venues for enriching their lives through art, exhibitions and museums.

Stunning collections of art are housed within beautiful and architecturally noteworthy buildings that dot Philadelphia’s Center City such as the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) building on Broad Street. The PAFA building has stood for almost 140 years, and visitors can see amazing works of art from artists such as Winslow Homer and Thomas Eakins.

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Art: A Love Note From Philadelphia

February 2, 2012

Did you know the great City of Philadelphia might be one of the best in the country when it comes to delivering quality arts, culture and entertainment?

That’s right; the City of Brotherly love is fast becoming an artist’s delight.

One of the best places to enjoy a night out on the town is by checking out a concert at The Philadelphia Orchestra. There is nothing better than spending a nice evening on the town and having the opportunity to listen some of the best musicians in the city and watch them perfect their craft.

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Liberty: A Love Story About Philadelphia

January 21, 2012

For any arts enthusiast venturing to the east coast in the near future, Philadelphia offers a wide variety of art, music, and theater performances to stimulate the senses. The following are some attractions that will create an unforgettable experience for spectators.
The arts scene adds to the city’s vibrant atmosphere. The Philadelphia Museum of Art is one of the largest in the U.S. featuring historical and contemporary art. The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Read the rest of this entry »

The Philly Museum Scene

January 10, 2012

Thinking of taking a trip to Philly to check out all the art and museums? Well set your securitychoice san jose system and hop on that plane – there are some great art exhibits here right now!
The Philadelphia Museum of Art always has a wide variety of current exhibits ranging from the grotesque to the thought provoking. It’s breaking new ground for art in this part of Pennsylvania and it’s open late some days which makes for a great on-trip date night.
First Friday is a great attraction set forth by many of the best galleries in town. They offer free admission as well as light refreshments on the first Friday of every month – stroll through them all to get a feel for the city’s thriving and diverse art scene.
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts is a well-known gallery space in the heart of the city and they like to tackle social and political issues with their exhibits. There’s always something pertinent and revolutionary going on here and you’ll get to rub shoulders with the city’s elite. What’s not to like?

Philadelphia: The City Of Cultural Love

January 9, 2012

Philadelphia is a city with a rich love of culture! The city has long been known for its rich love of musical heritage and performance.

Classical and chamber music is a thriving scene in the area boasting many venues and groups. The Opera Company of Philadelphia, the American Theater Arts for Youth, Curtis Institute of Music, Mann Center for Performing Arts, Academy of Music, and Bach Festival of Philadelphia all demonstrate the height of quality of music that is known for its excellence. Additionally, the Philadelphia Orchestra is world-renowned and recognizable for Read the rest of this entry »

Philly: A Study of Cultural Liberty

August 13, 2011

Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, is located along the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers. Philadelphia is an epicenter of American history, independence, and arts and culture. It rivals Boston, Massachusetts in its number of historically significant sites and cultural attractions. However, Philadelphia is not just steeped in history and bygone days; it has a lively, modern, and cosmopolitan feel, and is host to an array of modern day sports’ teams.

The Liberty Bell is Philadelphia’s iconic symbol. Nobody can think of Philly without picturing the cracked bell; it is as synonymous with the Read the rest of this entry »

Philadelphia: A Study of Liberty Art

August 8, 2011

In many major cities around the country there are beautiful things to look at and enjoy and the city of Philadelphia is no exception.

This old and wise city boasts a mixture of experiences and expression of art that has been a staple since its founding. The museums and cultural events, restaurants and out of town venues, the waterways and statues all give the casual or regular visitor an eye-full of reflection that cannot be found elsewhere.

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